Calling All Tech Girls! It’s Time to get Inspired

You have big ideas, you love a challenge, and you want to transform the world. But as a female tech entrepreneur, how do you turn aspiration into inspiration, and take the leap to bring your ideas to life? You don’t have to wait for that ‘Aha!’ moment. Here’s how to make inspiration work for you. 

Network for Inspiration

You’ve probably heard people promote the effectiveness of networking for career growth, but have you ever tried it? This means connecting with people who inspire YOU. Try connecting with female business owners, managers, professors, tech gurus, designers or artists who encourage you to dream. These women can provide valuable insight into their perseverance on their journeys. You can use their insight to motivate you. Their positive energy, support, and encouragement will spark exactly the mindset you need to help your vision thrive.

Find New Ways to Think

We’re all creatures of habit, and we all find comfort in routine. So, try thinking or seeing the world in new ways to ignite your imagination. Check out a new blog, newsletter or magazine you’ve never read. Talk to other people about their challenges, their goals, and their favorite things in life, and really listen to them as though you were in their shoes. Switch up your routine: take a day off, immerse yourself in new surroundings, and talk to new people. You can even try a new hobby or learn a new skill to wake up dormant parts of your brain. You’ll find that thinking differently opens your mind to new possibilities. 

Take Action

Sometimes, getting your mind and body in motion is all it takes for inspiration to follow. Start by writing down the ideas and questions that come to your mind. You can use a simple journal, a Pinterest board, or a list app like Todoist. Talk about your ideas with others as well. A single insightful  conversation can highlight a new approach or uncover a new angle to your ideas. Finally, get your body in motion. It can be easy to stare at your device or computer screen for hours, comfortably slouched on your sofa. It’s important to get out of that rut and get moving! Try playing an instrument, climbing a rock wall, taking a cardio-boxing class, or doing some mediation.  When your body gets a jump start, your mind benefits, too, with sharper thinking, improved mood, and better focus.Ready to take the next step on your inspiration journey? Connect with other Tech Girl members to share your goals and aspirations, form meaningful connections with tech and business mentors, and access the tools to turn your inspiration into reality.