How to Deal with Failure: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

You did the research, leveraged your ideas, and approached your prospective investor or customer with a pitch. Their reaction was…well, less than enthusiastic. They turned you down. 

Here is how to use “failure,” in your working life to inspire the hell out of you. Yes, that feeling of dread, self-doubt, and tension can be used for good. Let’s check out why you were rejected, and what to do the next time it happens.

“Why was I rejected?” 

You’ve most likely heard that it isn’t personal, but for you, it is. You can’t necessarily depersonalize your work, thoughts and ideas! However, it’s important to consider that the people who reject you, whether they are prospective professional or personal connections, are not here to judge you: they are simply looking for a good fit.  

Why were  you not a good fit? Or better yet, why was your target company not a good fit for you? Reasons for this could include ineffective marketing, a lack of expertise, or a deeply saturated market full of hundreds (if not thousands) of qualified competitors. Or, seriously, maybe that person just does not understand your vibe. If the latter is the case, their rejection is the biggest favor that they could do for you.  

See the word “No” through a New Lens 

That initial pang of being told the word “No,” can cause so much stress. First thing is first: when you get hurt by a rejection, you need to center yourself. Exercise self care, whether that’s through meditation, yoga, rocking out to your favorite 80s music, or what. And then, focus.  Focus on why you were in the arena to begin with. Chances are, you are ambitious. You are talented. You are qualified, and more than willing to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work required to succeed. People who try are rejected. And you cannot achieve success without several roadblocks. 

Adjust your expectations. Expect, “No.” But don’t ever lose enthusiasm for what you bring to the table. You can find the perfect fit, and the next great opportunity. You just need to remember that you believe in what you do, and are willing to grow. 

Prioritize Your Growth 

Be honest with yourself about your weaknesses and strengths. Do any of your skills need sharpening? Does your internet presence showcase your abilities? Brainstorm ways to improve your impact. You can start small, by rejuvenating your mindset. Imposter syndrome, self doubt, and negativity do not foster your growth. 

Use the rejection as an opportunity to reach out to other people in your network who experienced similar hurdles in their reach for success. Remember to take the words of people you admire to heart. Ignore discouraging or negative thinking, even if it comes from within.

But most of all, remember that you will continue to fail until you find the perfect fit. And that’s ok! Do you want to hear more empowering messages on your professional journey? Connect with us at Tech Girl.