Inspiring Stories of Diverse Female Founders – Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins is the CEO and co-founder of Canva, a graphic design platform that allows anyone to create professional-looking designs without any prior experience. Perkins was born and raised in Perth, Australia, and was always interested in design and technology. She studied graphic design at the University of Western Australia and later went on to teach design at the same university.

Perkins’ inspiration for Canva came from her frustration with the limitations of traditional design software. She noticed that many people, particularly small business owners and entrepreneurs, struggled to create high-quality designs because they lacked the technical skills or resources to do so. This led her to envision a platform that would make graphic design accessible and easy for everyone.

In 2012, Perkins co-founded Canva with her partner Cliff Obrecht and friend Cameron Adams. The platform quickly gained popularity and has since grown into a billion-dollar company with over 40 million users worldwide.

Perkins’ leadership and vision have been instrumental in Canva’s success. She has been recognized for her achievements with numerous awards, including being named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2016 and 2018.

Despite her success, Perkins remains humble and dedicated to helping others. She has committed to donating the majority of her wealth to charity and has launched the Canva Foundation to support various social causes.

In conclusion, Melanie Perkins is a remarkable entrepreneur who has revolutionized the graphic design industry with her innovative platform, Canva. Her passion for design and dedication to making it accessible to everyone is truly inspiring.