From Invisible to Invincible: How LGBTQ+ Founders are Breaking Barriers in Business

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the LGBTQ+ community, with countless inspiring stories of female founders who have taken the plunge despite facing numerous barriers. Many of these brave women overcame a lack of representation and resources, uncertainly about how their identity would be accepted by customers, and even more resistance from those who were unaware of the power in the stories they had to tell. Here, we’ll celebrate some of these extraordinary stories!

One such story comes from Sabrina Parsons, Founder & CEO of Palo Alto Software. Sabrina founded Palo Alto Software because she wanted to help small businesses succeed with software that was both affordable and easy-to-use. Despite being an experienced entrepreneur, as a lesbian woman she faced many challenges when trying to raise money for her venture. In fact, according to Sabrina “[e]ven though I had plenty of experience running a company…in Silicon Valley I was told that I wasn’t qualified to run the company that I started…[and] [t]hat if I could find a male co-founder that things might go easier for me.” Despite this adversity she persevered and now Palo Alto Software serves 1 million customers worldwide!

Another incredible LGBTQ+ founder is Tami Zuckerman, Founder & CEO of Bluespace Coworking, which offers workspace solutions for professionals working remotely. Tami started Bluespace because she wanted to create a space where people could work together without worrying about judgement or other forms of discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. After successfully navigating her way through numerous challenges—including raising capital as a female founder—she proudly opened her business in 2019 and it has continued to grow ever since!

And finally there’s Cathy Clark, Co-Founder & CEO of EaseVet Inc., which provides veterinary care services for pet owners across the country. As an openly queer entrepreneur in the healthcare industry Cathy faced many challenges when starting her business but refused to let them stop her from achieving success. In fact, Cathy has said “I am determined not just to break down barriers within my own industry but also within society as a whole” —a goal that she has achieved with grace and pride!

The stories shared here are only a snapshot into what’s possible when you combine resilience with drive and ambition. These brave female founders continue to inspire us all by showing us what’s possible despite any obstacles that may come our way —and their successes remind us just how powerful it can be when we invest in one another! We salute all LGBTQ+ founders who are taking risks and smashing boundaries every day! #LGBTQFounderStrong #BreakingBarriersInBusiness #FemaleEntrepreneurPowerhouse